Marka27 Mini God Speakers

marka27_mini_god_2.jpgThe Mini God line of speakers are our new Powers of choice. Towering at a height of 16 inches, we will have a tough time genuflecting at their feet, but that won't stop us from trying.

Each unit features a functional speaker in its belly, while the rest are for decoration only. Powered by a 9v battery and armed with a minijack, these speakers may not prevent the theft of your unattended iPod, but they will ensure that the thief is scared shitless in the process.

Unfortunately, these beauties are a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, with only 800 units available. Never before have I wanted speakers that most certain sound like crap. Two glorious bonus shots after the jump. Marka27s-Mini-Gods-1.jpg300 units of each.

Marka27s-Mini-Gods-2.jpg100 units of each.

Not enough, but you aren't worthy anyway.

Product Info [via technabob]

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