Man in Line for iPhone Does it for African Kids' Charity

632384118_411c010684.jpg Nope, these olive-green Converse standing outside an Apple store in NYC don't belong to John Dvorak. They belong to a guy called Johnny Vulkan who has flown over from London and is currently in pole position to grab the first iPhone from the Soho branch on Friday. And it's all for a good cause...

Keep A Child Alive, a charity that campaigns to bring anti-retroviral drugs to African kids with AIDS will get the proceeds from the sale of the iPhone, once Mr Vulkan has flogged it on eBay. So if you see him, shake that man's hand and tell him he's Top Banana.

And if you want to donate to Keep A Child Alive, then you can do so here. Oh, and Steve, if you're reading this, then why don't you be a love and match the final eBay total?

First in line for an iPhone at Apple store Soho on Flickr [Flickr via Boing Boing]

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