MacTruck Laptop Case for Clumsy Apple Fanboys


So, Lord Steve of Jobsworth carries his Lenovo in leather does he? Cough. I reckon he's more likely to use this, the MacTruck case (not that I am saying that you are clumsy, your Lordship, oh no, I am waiting for a SF ballet company to debut Black Turtleneck, the story of Jobs told through the language of contemporary dance.)

Well, if I'm going to be completely honest, there are reasons for and reasons against why our favorite Occasional Beard (that's what I love about Keynotes, it's the Will He, Won't He Have Used A Razor-ness of it all) might have a MacTruck rather than a Lenovo in a swanktastic embossed leather pochette.

PROS If he buys the aluminum one, it will go with his lovely Mercedes. If he doesn't think that his shoes should match his handbag (and please understand that here I am speaking metaphorically), then he can always go for the graphite-colored one.

I can understand him having a Lenovo (or, hell, any other rival product) as he needs to test out the opposition and see what he can improve on. But I don't think he would advertise it - after all, Lord Steve knows that when it comes to Apple's PR, he is pretty much most of the story. Also, he's a vegan - perhaps the kind of vegan that doesn't do leather.

It costs from $199 to $299 and we all know he's got the cash - although, given my previous point about Steve doing the best PR for Apple, RadTech probably sent him one for free.

Can I mention the 5mm air channels in the bottom of the case so that whoever uses it on their lap won't burn their penis? Okay then, I won't.

CONS Does it matter if he smashes up his laptop? I mean, it's not as if Apple are going to be stingy with their overlord, and quibble over a sale date, is it?

Steve is a lover, not a fighter, so why would he have need of a super-tough briefcase (unless he practices self-defence with his personal trainer and uses it to whack the punchbag with the picture of Steve Ballmer on it when he's working on his bi- and tri-ceps). This MacTruck seems to be built for people who take their laptops to warzones.

How many Apple employees do you think offer to carry Steve's things to and from his car each day (a rough estimate will do.) Does he really need a carrying case?

Product Page [RadTech via New Launches]

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