Lutron Skylark EcoDim Saves The Planet, One Switch at a Time

skylark_ecodim.jpgLutron just rolled out its Skylark EcoDim light switch, helping you save 10% of the energy used on lighting, and the best news is that you won't even notice the difference.

This dimmer is programmed to limit light levels to no more than 90% of full capacity, and if that bugs you, you can switch it over to normal mode for 100% intensity. But you might want to go with that 90% mode, because, believe it or not, it will double the life of your lightbulbs.

More good news is that you probably won't even notice that missing 10% of the light's intensity. It's a little-known fact that if you dim the lights by 10%, it's imperceptible to the human eye. Now that's the kind of "going green" that we like: completely painless. Skylark EcoDim is available in either a single pole switch or a three-way, but too bad you can only get it in white, unlike many of Lutron's switches that are available in dozens of earthy, vibrant and even sporty colors.

The Skylark EcoDim switch's $26.50 price will pay for itself in no time. It's now available at Home Depot and other home improvement stores. The link below is to Lutron's Skylark site; there's no page up for this EcoDim line yet.

Even without this switch, though, that does it, we're dimming all of our lights that have dimmers already installed to 90% from now on.

Lutron Skylark [Lutron](Thanks, Jessica!)

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