Let Your Infant Zone Out With Baby Bidou Teddy Bear MP3/OGG Players

Teddy_bear_mp3.jpg A Teddy Bear MP3 player is not exactly a new idea, but Baby Bidou's sleek junior version, in pink and blue, will allow France's tech-savviest toddlers to drool to 128MB of MP3s and OGG Vorbis files, with flickering lights reacting to the rhythm and an integrated mono speaker.Teddy_2.jpg At their larger size, 6" in length and a 2.5" width, the bears should fit comfortably in a child's hand, but not in his or her mouth. Nevertheless, they do come with drool-proof caps on the USB and audio ports.

Each player is controlled by its eight buttons, is USB 2.0 compatible, has a stereo headphone jack and of course, parental controls. The site recommends the product for children under 36 months of age, so why exactly does it need a voice-record function?

Product Site [Baby Bidou via Pocket Lint]

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