Kodak Rolls Out Six EasyShare Cameras

kodak_two_same_price.jpgKodak just nailed us with a barrage of its latest digital cameras, and heading the list are two with different feature sets, both selling for $249 and shipping this August. Pictured above at left is the Z1275 with a 5x optical zoom, and for the same price as the ZD710 on the right, raising that optical zoom to 10x but giving you 7 megapixels of sensor goodness. We'd rather have a longer lens and those 7 megapixels instead of 12, which we all know is overkill for even the largest prints.

At the same time, Kodak rolled out four additions to its slim looking M-Series camera lineup, and most notable of those is that two of them, the $199 M873 and $229 M883 have nice big 3-inch viewscreens. Expect to see those slimcams retailing for between $149 and $229, all destined for the market later this summer. Check 'em out in the gallery below.

Kodak M853, M753, M883, M873, Z1275 and ZD710 Cameras [Photography Blog]

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