Kodak Plans to Kick Flash Goodbye with New Sensor

camera-flash.jpg Tired of those nighttime shots where your camera's flash makes everyone look pale as a ghost? With Kodak's new image sensor you may never need flash again. Or that's what they're hoping. Here's how Kodak's little trick works.They're basically re-designing the image sensor. In today's sensors, half of the pixels are used to collect green light, with the remaining pixels split evenly between sensitivity to red and blue light. Kodak's new sensors will pack extra "clear" pixels so it'll be able to collect a higher proportion of the light striking the sensor.

As a result, you won't need your flash. At least in theory—how your photos will really come out remains to be seen. Kodak isn't sure when we can expect these super cams, but said the technology might come out first in camera phones.

Press Release [via CrunchGear]

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