HTC Advantage Pre-order at Amazon

htcadvantage.pngIf you're at all interested in an HTC Advantage, you can pre-order one on Amazon right now. If you don't remember, the Advantage is the not-quite-a-UMPC, not-quite-a-smartphone device that runs Windows Mobile 6.

If you've got $849.99, you can pre-order it now (the page says in stock soon) and get your mobile computing groove satisfied. It comes unlocked, so both T-Mobile and AT&T customers can get in on it. And if you're not keen on buying this before the actual reviews are in, you can make like 12% of Amazon shoppers who viewed the page and buy Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows instead.

AU: Amazon won't ship stuff like this to Australia, but if you use one of those fancy remailer services you could get hold of it. Or wait for next week's local HTC launch announcements and see what happens after that.

Product Page [Amazon via i4u]

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