Honk if You Like Gizmodo: Business 2.0's Poll

chucksays.jpgHey guys and um, our 5 female readers. I need a bit of your help.

Business 2.0 remembered just how much they like their tech and gadget news with a big slice of fun, and made Gizmodo the dark horse late addition to their "Who matters now?" poll — a list of 101 interesting tech personalities that are so absurdly powerful and rich, that its insane we're even on the same list as them.

Charlie did a post about this early in the morning, which was really flattering to me specifically, but honestly, that's not even close to the truth of what is going on here. (Cheese ball writing mode ON.)Gizmodo is Gizmodo because I have great writers, and we have readers we like writing for. Many of you are, I get the feeling, people I wouldn't mind playing Xbox with or grabbing a beer after work with. And you've all made Gizmodo grow a ton this year. (Almost 4x!) That's you clicking, not us.

So, here comes the part where I ask for a few more clicks. If you have a second, and want us to look good next to the likes of Gates, Jobs, Fake Jobs, Engadget, Kevin Rose, Justin.tv, my Boss, Nick Denton, and others we admire, please slide that little voting bar up to 100 and vote, and repeat as many times as you think we deserve. Maybe if we get high enough on the list, we'll be taken seriously enough for an early iPhone or something else we can share with y'all. Thank you for reading, and for not being douchbags. (That sounds like a not-compliment, but its a compliment. This is the internet!)

Slide that bar to 100 and Honk if You Like Gizmodo

UPDATE: You guys have already moved us up 5 notches. Let's see how much power we can put to the rear thrusters.

UPDATE: Now it's 10 notches! Let's do this! Slide that thing over to 100, click, and tell your friends!

UPDATE: 15 notches! We're at #32. Let's keep going!

Who matters now? [CNN Money]

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