Haptic Clock Tells You the Time via Vibrations

Haptic Clock Tells You the Time via Vibrations

hapticclock.jpgIf you ditched your watch because you carry a phone around with a built-in clock, but are sick of pulling your phone out every time you want to check the time, you should check out this Haptic Clock. It’s a small program for Java phones that tells you the time through a series of vibrations, allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket.

Simply reach in your pocket and hit the 5 key to get it to tell you the time. How does it tell it to you?

Long vibrations are the number of hours of the current time on a 12 hour clock, so 6pm and 6am are both 6 vibrations. The shorter vibrations are the number of minutes divided by 5. So 4 vibrations is 20 minutes and 7 vibrations is 35 minutes. Example: (3) long vibrations and (6) short vibrations means it’s 3:30. Just in case you do want to see the time, the screen displays the time with tick marks for hours, minutes and seconds.

It’s actually a pretty neat and intuitive program, especially for the price: free.

Haptic Clock [via Future Feeder]