Groping Sony Ericsson's Non-Geeky MBW-150 Bluetooth Watch

se_watch_front.jpgSony Ericsson first revealed its MBW-150 Bluetooth watch this morning, with Sony insides and design by watchmaker Fossil. It lets you control your Bluetooth-compatible cellphone or music player from your watch. Sony Ericsson had one like this before, but this one is even thinner, and the best part is it looks like an ordinary analog watch.

That little screen below the dial is an OLED display where caller ID info pops up if you get a phone call. And, it vibrates when that call comes in, letting you answer it or discreetly send it off to voice mail land. Pair it up with an A2DP stereo Bluetooth headset, and you can control your tunes from your watch, too. It's set for a fall release, and it'll cost you $399. Now this is a non-geeky looking Bluetooth watch we could live with.

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