GLaser Mouse Uses Magic to Kick Glass's Ass

glaser_mouse_front.jpgThe GLaser's makers blurt out a bold claim: It's the first mouse that can reliably work on glass. This 1000dpi mouse uses juju its purveyor Royche calls a dual focus lens, and it's supposed to work just as well on transparent and shiny surfaces is it does on a conventional mouse pad. Hey, that means your hotel room's fancy glass top desk will no longer challenge you to get work done.

Check out the gallery for a diagram of how this thing works, and ogle the pretty colors in the pic above.

GLaser tries to make life easier for you in every way, even giving you one of those dedicated double click buttons. Pricing wasn't announced yet, but maybe this technology will spread far and wide, because we think all mice should be able to handle any surface.

Product Page [Royche, via Oh Gizmo]

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