Gizmodo iPhone Wallpapers Show Faces, Darth Vader, Hello Kitty

gizmodo-iphone-wallpapers.jpgRemember the JesusPhone smiley dude? Yeah, he spent the last few months going around the world, surfing and going to parties with His Steveness. Well, now the JesusPhone loves you and even Andre the Giant. Gizmodo loves you too. And if you love the JesusPhone and you are planning to get one soon, we have freebies for you: here's an exclusive Gizmodo iPhone Wallpaper collection to make your new iPhone happy, sad, angry, surprised or just impossibly cute. And even join the Dark Side and more.

To download an iPhone wallpaper from the gallery:

- Click on the background you want to get. - While the image appears, right-click in the center of the image and select "Save Image As..." (alternatively, you can drag to your desktop if you are using Safari). - If you are reading this on the iPhone, just select the image and save it as your background.

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