Ghetto Blaster Nouveau is No Less Annoying

nu_blaster_front.jpgHere's a redesign of that annoying ghetto blaster from the '70s and '80s, but this one is more ergonomic, with a shape that naturally hangs on the shoulder. There's plenty of room inside the top section for a nice big bass speaker, while the extended part that hangs down your back gives those big bass sound waves some room to expand and reflect themselves while rattling your backbone into musical Nirvana. That might translate into something like purgatory for those sitting near you, however.

Take the jump for a couple of enlarged pics of this weird design that's aimed at iPod users.nu_blaster2.jpg It hangs like a shoulder bag, or you can fasten it around your waist like a belt.

Yeah, it has a fresh and updated design, but the device's designer, Dirk Winkle, needs to consider that a ghetto blaster still forces others to listen to music you've chosen, just like it did in the early '80s. nu_blaster.jpg Although if it were draped over the shoulder of the babe in the white pants, we might give her a pass, especially if she had decent musical taste.

Shoulder Bag Ghetto Blaster [Yanko Design]

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