Free Austin Powers Download (Xbox 360)

ausintPicture%203.pngMicrosoft is partnering with McDonald's and New Line Cinema to offer Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery free for download, from now until June 28 and again from July 13-19.

This download is Xbox Marketplace only, and we were a little bummed to find that it's only licensed for 14-day rental in standard definition (widescreen). But the video is already the number one downloaded movie on the service, which hopefully sends a clear message to the suits: people like free movies.

AU: I was pretty confident this wasn't going to be available locally, but checked in on the Live Marketplace just to be sure. And guess what? Yep. Nothing. Just a handful of music vids and trailers. Best thing in there? Tenacious D's 'Pick of Destiny' film clip is a free download. Ha. I still can't get over this new concept of making us pay for music videos...

Xbox Live Tries...[via kotaku]

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