First in Line at the San Francisco Apple Store

jerrysanfrancisco.jpgThat right there is First-in-line Jerry, he only started camping out for an iPhone at 7AM this morning. But at least he's been planning this for the last week or so, right? Nope, he actually decided on a whim yesterday to go see how bad the line was this morning and ended up starting it himself.

AU: Unless there is some objection from the AU crew (that's you), I'm probably going to drop most of the impending photo spots showing people front of line for iPhone around the USA. I'll keep an eye for anything amusing, but for the most part I'm not interested in looking at geeks with too much time on their hands (scared to look in the mirror, you say?) Any objections?

Now for the details, Jerry is only buying one iPhone for himself even though you can pick up two. Unlike Greg Packerhe doesn't get his jollies from waiting in lines, he actually just really wants the phone. Despite his G3 Powerbook he claims that he's quite the gadget freak. Yes, that's right the first guy in line for an iPhone on the west coast only has a G3. And tonight he's getting a care package with a PS2, some board games, and some fully charged laptop batteries. So there you have it he's Jerry, he's first in line, and he's ready for his iPhone.

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