First Artificial Life Zoo Scares Every Other Life-form Around

robotarium2.jpgIf you are going to Portugal on vacation you may want to avoid the Robotarium X, a large glass structure with 45 creepy robots living inside. They belong to 14 different species, from the Acrorhinomorpho to the Zoid, and they feed on human blood. Or maybe they feed on solar power and they just look like they can feed on blood, as you will see in the video and gallery after the jump.

Yes, I was looking for some major ruckus between the spiders and the cockroaches too, but apparently "there are no fights or aggression and the only competition is to assure a place under the sunlight." For that you will have to travel to Spain, where you will find real spiders fighting real cockroaches in the summer.

According to them, the Robotarium X is the first robot zoo in the world, located at Jardim Central, Alverca (Vila Franca de Xira), Portugal.

Robotarium X

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