FH007 Transparent Powered Speakers Leave Us Shaken but Not Stirred

fh007_3.jpgClear off the back of your desk, because this set of FH007 transparent speakers will reveal the world beyond them for all to see. It's an odd configuration, with two large oval-shaped transparent drivers pounding out the bass, and then two circular speakers taking care of the left and right channels.

Powering everything is a 4x 16-watt cube, letting you plug your PC, iPod or any other audio source directly into the system without needing an amplifier. Take the jump for one more picture of these see-through baubles, and some pricing info, too.fh007-speaker-system%5B1%5D.jpg These are the kind of speakers that look spectacular in the showroom, but after a couple of months they've gathered so much dust that you can hardly see through them any more. And who knows how they sound? Well, for a price tag just shy of $1000, be sure you can return them.

Product Page [Pleasure Home, via I4U]

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