Everun UMPC is Super Light, Super Mobile, and Looks Like it Might Not Suck

everun.pngThis is one of the first times we've seen a UMPC shaped vertically, with the keys arranged underneath, but the Everun looks like it might pull off the configuration without being too hard to use. First, it's only one pound, which means it's the perfect weight for a UMPC.

As for the specs, there's a 600MHz AMD Geode LX 900 processor, touchscreen, Windows XP Home, Wi-Fi, 4.8-inch touchscreen, 800x480 resolution, Bluetooth, stylus, and claims of 6-7 hours battery life with the standard battery, 11-12 hours with the extended battery. If you want to switch it from vertical to landscape mode, that's possible as well—but the keyboard remains on the right.

We'll have to see for ourselves, but this seems like quite a nice UMPC for people who don't really like UMPCs.

Product Page [Dynamism]

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