Epson and Philips to Further Reduce Mini-projectors' Size

epson2.gifSeiko Epson and Philips are working on projectors smaller than anything we've ever seen. The new reference design will use Seiko Epson's High Temperature Poly-Silicon TFT panel and Philips' Ujoy lamp. The 50W lamp has a diameter of 43.5mm and a depth of 64mm, while the driver module measures a mere 70 × 36 × 26mm. Weight is just 4 ounces. That's not small enough to put em inside of cellphones, but maybe inside of Chen's pants. Artists representation:jason-epson-pants.jpg

They're still far from any real miniaturization. But their progress is quite amazing and to be fair, they are going way beyond Epson's previous mini-projector.

The new design will be limited to 800 x 600 pixels.

Developing the small-sized liquid crystal projector of Epson and Philips and SVGA jointly [Impress AV Watch]

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