EMI, Apple and YouTube Officially In Love Triangle; Warner Music Attempts Solo Project

EMI_Apple_YT_Triangle.jpgApple adds YouTube to Apple TV. EMI tracks are now sold DRM-free on iTunes. The triangle completes itself today, as EMI announced that it would share a bunch of EMI music videos on YouTube, and even "let" users integrate some of EMI's copyrighted material into their own homemade productions. Let's see what happens when (yes, when) that content includes the entire Beatles catalog.Meanwhile, Warner Music, which has an agreement with YouTube, announced that it would begin to share music videos for free on ad-supported sites based around artist. OK, so like, how is that different than the promotional artist sites that already have videos? Oh, right, ads. Thanks WMG!!

You know all of this business wheeling and dealing aside, I'm just glad we might actually be entering a new golden age of the music video. I mean, nothing will ever touch A-Ha's "Take On Me" or Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity," but do I want my new music rendererd visually for better receptivity into the assorted memory banks of my brain? Yes I do.

YouTube signs broad licensing pact with EMI [Reuters] Warner to put ad-supported video archive online [Reuters]

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