ELP Declicker Transfers LPs to MP3, Leaves Crackle Behind

declicker3.jpg Vinyl Junkies listen up. ELP, those clever people who brought us the Laser Turntable have something else to keep vinyl junkies moist and excitable - the ELP Declicker.

This rather snappy matte gray box connects up to regular turntables to convert your vinyl into MP3s, whilst reducing noise at the same time. Now, before all you analogue specialists line up to kick me in the comments, the Declicker will take away the crackle and pop of background noise, but not that smooooth hisssssss that aficionados claim makes vinyl so special.

The Declicker works without a computer, and its makers claim that it is the only gadget on the market that will do this. I like the fact that it's got a Sensitivity knob (I can think of a few guys who might benefit from one of those). Drawbacks? Don't expect it to work its magic on 78s, and its $2500 price tag.

Product Page [ELP via Sci-Fi Tech]

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