Dealzmodo AU: Aldi 250GB PVR, $199.

aldi-tevion.jpgAldi come up with some crazy tech bargains now and then, and this week it's a twin tuner PVR with 250GB hard drive. The tuners are SD, but still digital rather than analogue. They mention 7-day EPG, and I can only imagine that refers to ICE TV support (UPDATE: Or maybe not... don't believe me... I was guessing... thanks for the heads up, Richard). It's Tevion branded, for those who care. At $199, it's unbeatable.

The sale is on Thursday (that's the 28th). If you've ever tried your luck, you'll know these Aldi sales don't last long. Usually gone by 10am on the sale day, if not earlier. So if you want one, get their before opening.

And if you miss out, you really should grab one of these awesome basketball bouncy castles.

PVR deal [Aldi]

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