Daisho 2.0 Two-in-One PC, K-Tana 2.0 FX With Overclocked Everything, Airbrushed Flames

daisho_gen.jpgHiPe PC has just released the Daisho 2.0 and the K-Tana 2.0 FX, two high performance PCs for gaming or just showing off.

The Daisho 2.0 is way more interesting. With two networked PCs inside and case that looks bigger than a VAX, the Daisho includes the Daito, "a Geforce 8800 SLI-Ready gaming PC with up to 4GB DDR2 memory and 4 Terabytes of hard drive space" and the Shoto, a dedicated integrated motorized LCD touchscreen.

The K-Tana 2.0 FX is more about overclocking...and photos with semi-nude female ronins.K-tana_banner.jpg

The K-Tana 2.0 FX pictured is all about overclocking: two liquid-cooled Core 2 Quad Extreme processors accelerated form 2.66GHz to 3.2GHz, accelerated NVIDIA 8800 SLI cards and, more importantly, multiple neon lighting, high-gloss paint and a custom graphics options. In other words, airbrushed flames for that added speed kick but sadly no semi-nude female ronins are included in the price.

The K-Tana and the Daisho start at $2,814 and $3,662, but if you put them to the max the price can reach $7,327.00 and a few dollars shy of $10,000. That will buy you 4GB SLI-certified DDR2 RAM and up to 4 Terabytes of hard drive, along with pairs of top of the line NVIDIA graphics cards, Creative X-Fi Elite 7.1 sound cards and Blu-ray drives.

Both come with Windows Vista but apparently there are no Linux options from the factory. Reportedly, Mac OS X just refuses to run on these boxes on matter of principle.

Daishō-XT 2.0 SLI Dual PC [HiPe PC] K-Tana XT Core 2 / SLI Gaming PC [HiPe PC]

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