CES 2008 Brings Mitsubishi Laser TV

LaserPhoto5wtmk.jpgIn an interview with the NY Times, Mitsubishi has promised that a large-screen version of their legendary Laser TV will make it to CES next year. Does that have absolutely anything to do with if and when these sets will make it into our homes?

No. And no matter what anyone has 'SED', it means absolutely nothing more at this time than Mitsubishi can make one unit for a bajillion dollars. Personally, I find generalized LED incorporation a lot more promising over the next five years of displays than any technologies traditionally associated with 70s rock concerts and killer sharks.

Of course, I only say that because I've been hurt before (damn you, SED). Please, please, please make our dreams of perfect, cheap, utopian displays come to fruition, Mitsubishi. And then we'll take back our line about the sharks and that stuff we may or may not have said about your mothers.

In Pursuit of Perfect Color... [via I4U]

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