'Blogged' Balloon Bursts, Helped Along Mostly By Giz Readers

pop_this_balloon2.jpgThanks to the enthusiastic response of thousands of Gizmodo readers, Bill Shackelford's interactive art installation at The Ohio State University entitled "Blogged" was a huge success yesterday. With each page view, a compressor turned on for one second, inflating a huge balloon seen by the world via live streaming video.

"Thanks, Charlie, for posting my installation yesterday. Your readers popped the balloon! I first turned everything on at noon and it finally popped at around 5:30. I have posted new pictures on the site and will have additional video later."

I'd like to add my thanks to you, the best readers in the world! We'll be looking for Bill's exploding balloon video. Meanwhile, let's give Bill some suggestions for his next interactive art installation. What should he make happen with each page view? Give doggy treats to adorable puppies? Apply electric shocks to a hapless but comely test subject?

Blogged [Bill Shackelford]

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