Bill Gates' $125 Million House

Bill%20Gates-Panorama%20copywtmk.jpgWhen finding yourself bored while spending a day on sunny Lake Washington, what's a man to do? Fish, waterski, drink a brewski...maybe stalk a little Bill Gates?

Who doesn't like stalking a little Bill Gates? A little Bill Gates stalking action? A bit of, drive up to Bill Gates' house really fast, admire the 50,000 square feet of occupancy, take some shots, fathom the $990,000 tax, drive away, develop the film, tape it to your skin adjacent to your heart, never remove it, develop a fungal infection, still not remove it, find that your torso will need to be amputated if you don't remove it, weigh your options, remove the picture, wish you had a fossil-floor pool and send the original photo files to Gizmodo, action? All we can tell is that there sure are a lot of trees on Lake Washington. And our chest is beginning to itch.

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