Atari Memorabilia to Goes Under the Hammer in NYC

N08330-151-lr-1.jpg Sotheby's is holding a sale of Americana at its auction house in New York today. One of the lots on offer is described as "an extensive archive of original marketing materials from the 'Golden Age' of Atari."

So, if you want 135 large file folders stuffed full of original sketches, early designs and proofs of games such as Dig Dug, Bezerk, Asteroids, Pong and Mario Bros., then get thee to Sotheby's, stick your bidding paddle in the air and wave it around like you just don't care. It'll cost you, though...

This went down overnight. I can't actually find a result page on Sotheby's to report what the final pricing was.


You'll need to stump up between $150,000 and $250,000 for the privilege of owning these early 80s objects. Do you think those dudes who dress up as Pacman and run round the place will bum rush the show? I do hope so.

Sotheby's Atari Auction [Cool Hunting]

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