Asus's DAV Center A33 Media Centre PC Plus Amp

ASUSD33.pngAsus is showing off their new dedicated Media Centre PC over at Computex, the DAV Center A33. The brand-new revision to the D22 has two interesting upgrades: a front-row LCD on the face, and an integrated amplifier for front, rear and possibly centre channels, so you don't have to use an external receiver if that's enough power for your audio jones.ASUSD33R.pngThe back panel has HDMI, component out, S-Video, composite, card readers, Gigabit, an antenna port for 802.11n, two USB ports and some audio outs. The front panel has a neat little sideshow display, some basic AV inputs, card readers, a USB port, and some media control buttons including a big honking volume knob.

The whole setup is rounded off with an AM2 X2 4000+ CPU, up to a 320GB HDD, a DVD-RW multi drive, and dual tuners. Not bad for $US999 to $US1500, although you're gonna have to shell out for CableCARD tuners. Let's hope Asus offers them as an add-on for native HD DVRing. And with that integrated amp, I'm a bit worried about how loud this thing will get as it builds up heat and tries to cool its guts down.

Asus DAV Center A33 [Anandtech]

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