Asus Wooden Laptop Prototypes Give Us Wood

asus_wood_front.jpgAsus opened up the doors to the woodshop to make three gorgeous laptops for the Computex Taipei 2007 show. Although company reps say they don't have any specific plans to actually sell these PCs, they're part of a skilled design exercise that shows an delicate interplay between craftsmanship and tech.

Take a look at the gallery full of true laptop porn, where you'll notice there are three showcase designs of wooden laptops with magnesium frames that aren't necessarily portable, and then you'll also see some wood and bamboo faceplates that Asus also brought out later, to much appreciation. In fact, the designs won an award, named some of the best products at Computex 2007.

Computex 2007: Design 1, Design 2, Design 3 [Aving, via Chinese Engadget]

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