Apple WWDC 2007 Keynote Begins

steve_wwdc.jpgThe standard Apple anthem bands have all been played: Jamiroquai, Coldplay, Gnarls Barkeley, and Green Day have all been played. We're just waiting for everything to settle down and get started now. Now's a good time for you guys to do a hard refresh (Shift + Reload). It's starting!

John Hodgman is on screen pretending to be Steve Jobs. "I'm Steve Jobs. I know the address, and I have big news. I quit. I'm shutting down all of Apple. This is a surprise for everyone. I sold tens of dozens of copies. And now I got my iPod killer, the Zune. Brown, eh? It's time for Apple to admit defeat up to the big boys up in Washington." Justin Long comes in: "PC. What are you doing? Again? You think these people are going to believe you're Steve Jobs?" John Hodgman: "You're right. Hello! I'm Phil Schiller."

Steve Jobs is on stage. He says they've got 5000 attendees today, and this is the biggest WWDC in the history of Apple. We've got 1 Apple employee for every 4 employee. Jobs is talking about their transition to Intel Macs from last year. Applauding developers making all their apps Universal Binary.

Now congratulating Intel on their work on the transition. Paul Otellini is coming up on stage. Jobs asked Johnny Ive and the design team to make an award for Intel to thank them for all their efforts. Paul says thanks, and says working with Apple is one of the best things they've ever done.

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