All Things D is Done and I'm Still Smiling

D5, Mossberg and Swisher's conference is over, and I am still smiling. 100% news, no bullshit. And it was fun. Did you know that D had a Ben and Jerry's ice cream booth?

Wednesday was intense. 5 hours of liveblogging, inside of a 20 hour work day. • Ballmer and the Surface Table, with Mossy • Mossberg and Foleo unveil by Jeff Hawkins • Mossberg and Steve Jobs • Afterwards, basking in the glow of the Jobs interview, Ryan Block from Engadget and I got up on stage and sat in the D Chairs when no one was looking. (Photo here) •And then my accidental Steve Jobs meeting. •And of course, Mossberg and Swisher talking with Gates and Jobs. (Videos here) •Not to mention the Gropes of the Surface Table and Foleo.

Afterwards, I bumped into Mossberg, and there was a little friction.When I saw Walt and Kara, I thanked them for inviting me, and shook their hands. Walt then told me, a little bit indignant, that he was tired of being called grandpa and uncle. I felt bad about it. Factually, he is older than most in this industry... Jobs even made a crack at his age on stage. But I'd agree that it doesn't make sense to tease him for it while he's running around full of energy, wrangling CEO after CEO, while I'm dragging ass trying to merely liveblog his show. The guy's age isn't an factor when it comes to him kicking corporate ass. We're still going to photoshop him, of course. Maybe onto of a young, strapping Baywatch lifeguard's body, though.

The other thing that's interesting is that the WSJ has such pride and competitive spirit when it comes to their work...vs the NYTimes. I heard more than one comment in regards to that, from unnamed reporters.

When you work that much, its hard to get good rest afterwards. So I took Thursday to sleep in, and eat some crispy fish tacos down near the beach, while the rest of the Gizmodo gang covered the news. Thank Dod for them.

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