All Quiet on the 5th Avenue Apple Store Front

5thAve_LayofLand.jpg Proving the old adage, "The media loves a whore," the man with the pole posish at the 5th Avenue Apple Store iPhone line, Greg Packer, was besieged by microphones and cameras. An NBC news van was on its way out as I came in, and it looks like Fox News woke up one of their reporters for a quick stand-up. No comb, buddy? What startled me most was when Packer rose out of his seat and left. You think the #1 man in line would guard that spot with his life. He came back, though, and I'm glad he did. Because he changed shirts. And I saw them. Both of them. The nipples that are more well known than Packer's day job. Happily for you, I was too stunned to get a snap.

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