Ultra Gaming EXO Prototype PC

ugpcfrontpage.jpgHere's a differentiating factor among PCs: The EXO Ultra Gaming PC, built by ex-Alienware system designer Garrett Bain, will be running GPUs chosen from the top ~1% of all NVidia's GPUs from a particular manufacturer. (That's unique.) Looks like now that the big corporations have bought up all the bigger boutique PC makers, there's room for a new generation of gaming PCs, built with even more dedication to being stupid, stupid, stupid fast. The EXO prototype is that, and there's more inside that sets it apart as one of the systems able to go the extra mile.

•Each EXO prototype has a polished aluminum chassis frame, and this one has carbon fiber panels all around. You can, however, order whateverthefrick panels you want, including woods like bamboo, diamond patterned steel plate, and more. Whatever. Seriously, not just what you can select in a drop down menu in a browser based shopping cart. •Instead of routing power supply cables through you entire case, they've got a mobo tray mounted "power strip" with short lead cables to all components. Very clean. • Like I said before, the EXO has an exclusive deal with NVidia to get their top ~%1 of the bin. That means that the chips inside of the EXO machines will be of higher quality, and shipped to overclock. (A first.) and...•They'll ship with drive bays with power and SATA cables in the back of the drive array. Plug in, like a rack system, no fussing with wires. •The watercooling system is done with a combination of a small water reservoir, and a peltier thermalelectric cooler. That's both video and CPU, of course. Each hosed system is tested to 30PSI, but it runs at 5PSI. This won't leak. •Every computer is built by hand, by one technician. •Every PC comes in a giant steel luggage case, suitable for shipping and lugging your PC to a LAN party. •If you have to ask how much these things are, you can't afford it. Really. But they will have lower-priced units. •3-motherloving-years of warranty! US based tech support! English is NOT a second language! •Warranty doesn't include overclocked parts, but they'll swap in your new chips for free if you send it back. •They'll ship in about eight weeks or so.

The lead designer came over from Alienware, and the company is backed by ultra products, makers of various PC accessories, to do a Gaming PC without compromise. (Like when Honda develops Formula 1 cars.) It'll be interesting to see how these machines stack up, side by side with the Alienware and Voodoo and Falcon Northwest machines in the world.

Homepage [Ultragamingpc.com]

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