$5 Million Cray Y-MP Supercomputer Is Now Baby Furniture

edisons_nursery.jpgSilicon Valley couple Pam and Paul Costa apparently have high hopes for their son Edison. They've decorated the little tyke's nursery in a Thomas Edison theme, and the centerpiece is an actual Cray Y-MP supercomputer they've pressed into service as a seating area. Apparently these horseshoe-shaped behemoths, which were $5 million mofo supercomputers back in 1988, can now be picked up at yard sales.

Let's just hope little Edison grows up to be interested in computers, or there are going to be two very disappointed parents in Sunnyvale. We're wondering if Edison's marriage hasn't already been arranged, too. Check out the gallery for a tour of this unique nursery, and don't miss our favorite, a blackboard complete with the molecular formulas for milk, pee and poop.

Edison's Nursery [Costa]

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