3G iPhone Monday UK Announcement is Bollocks

3geurope.jpgSomeone thinks Apple has suicidal tendencies and is going to announce a 3G iPhone on Monday for the UK market. We are not buying it for many reasons. First, a move like that will kill their own US launch, alienating their customers. But there are many other factors on top of that.

The reporter is describing the most convoluted deal ever, with Vodafone and T-Mobile as carriers and Carphone Warehouse selling it. Why would two carriers share the Jesus Phone, let alone adding a third party?Then, we know for a fact that negotiations are still underway with Telefonica/O2. Is Apple going to announce a partial deal? Would Vodafone get a deal in UK and leave the lucrative Spanish market out of the equation? Or would they try to sell it exclusively themselves for the whole of Europe? Would Telefonica/O2 want to give away UK to Vodafone?

The iPhone also requires some important changes in the carriers' backend. Would two carriers make the changes to share it? Or, like AT&T, would they want long-term exclusive deals?

And finally, nothing moves in Europe in the summer. The announcement probably will be in September, perhaps at AppleExpo or even later, in Barcelona at the 3GSM. Or we may be absolutely wrong and Apple will indeed announce a 3G iPhone on monday. And lasers. And holographic projector. And personal teleport rays too.

Europe to get 3G iPhone from Vodafone, T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse [Pocket-Lint]

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