Zune-like Device + Car = Dockable Glory

Zune-like Device + Car = Dockable Glory

Microsoft’s newest patent (newest interesting one, that is) shows off a car stereo system that takes has a dock for a portable audio device. What does this mean? Well, if we’re right in deciphering the purposefully cryptic patent, this means either a Windows Mobile-type or a Zune-type device can be easily docked into the the car so they can share music.

If you’re still interested, this product is part of the Ford and Microsoft effort to put this type of entertainment system into cars, and Fords announced that it will offer the gadget in 12 of their 2008 model cars.

The cars are “the Focus, Fusion, Five Hundred, Edge, Freestyle, Explorer and Sport Trac; Mercury Milan, Montego and Mountaineer; and Lincoln MKX and MKZ.”

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