Yinke M002: A House Brick called Mercedes


I have a thing for Chinese mobiles. All those cult cells that look like packets of fags cigarettes and Porsches. And now they're moving into retro phones. This one comes from a company called Yinke and it's an old-skool mobey but with all the newfangled stuff we consumer geeks love so much. Rather confusingly it's got a Mercedes badge on the back, but who am I to question Chinese craziness?

There's a 2 megapixel camera, MMS support, color display, pre-loaded games, and it even comes with a stand so that you can display it proudly wherever you might be. In homage to Chris Penn, it should come with a free shellsuit, gold neck chain and a DVD of Reservoir Dogs.

Yinke to present its stand-type mobile phone M002 [Aving via "Ubergizmo]

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