Frenchman Fotoshop Fiesta: Well, I Asked For It

JeffGroff.jpgHoly crap. I have been given a rare glimpse into the mind of Gizmodo readers, and I didn't know what I was getting into. You people are completely insane.

I asked earlier for you to Photoshop a picture of French Linux Codemeister Michel Xhaard in humourous situations. What I received ... well, you'll just need to see for yourself. There are a few that are great and exactly what I was looking for, a few that kind of miss the point, and a few that make me weep for humanity. All entries are below, and since this contest had no prizes or promises of prizes, I think it's safe to declare that there are no winners here today. Only a bunch of twisted minds and one generous Frenchman who has been besmirched for no real reason.

I'm sorry, Michel. Can you find it in your heart for forgive us?

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