XM Back at Full Strength

Employment_Maytag_Man.jpgThat's right, kids. It was a long day yesterday at the XM headquarters but everything seems to be up and running with all of the repeaters and SAT1 back online and at full strength. Here is the official word from earlier today:

"We quickly identified the problem and are working hard to return to our normal levels of service. The problem occurred during the loading of software to a critical component of our satellite broadcast system, which resulted in a loss of signal from one of our satellites. We expect normal service to resume midday today (eastern daylight time)."

David Cavossa of the Satellite Industry Association has a more interesting quote about the situation: "Once they're launched we can't just send the Maytag repairman up there." That got me thinking, why not? Maybe that is a potential new career path for me. Screw blogging, I want to be a space Maytag man.

Oh well, at least XM is back just in time for the afternoon replay of Opie and Antho... oh wait.

XM's full signal is back! [Orbitcast]

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