World's Lamest Halo 3 Zune Video

I was interested in the Halo 3 preview event at Foreign Cinema this weekend. But when Noah went to the NY event hours earlier and came back with Halo 3 edition Zune photos, it increased my interest by a great amount. No biggie. Zune.

But when I got there, the new grey with blue doubleshot colorscheme was too nice to pass up, and that screen, well, I always had a thing for the Zune's big screen. So I felt I had to shoot something. Without proper videocam, what you have here is a test of the Sony Ericsson w880i's capabilities in relatively low light, and noisy conditions. It ain't no Cybershot. What you have here is the World's Shittiest Halo 3 Edition Zune. BTW, it was preloaded with photos of Master Chief.

There's still no word on whether these are a limited private run like the 1/500 Cartoon Network Zune, or a real run that citizens and Halo fanboys can buy.

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