Windows Longhorn Resurrected, Up for Download

longhorn.jpgThere are certain members of the Windows coding community that just can't seem to let go of the fact that Windows Vista isn't quite the Windows Longhorn OS that Microsoft demoed to them back in 2004. These nerds have gone and created a new build of "Longhorn," complete with Windows File System (WinFS), and other stripped-out features.

What's the point of this?Mostly operating system wankery, as far as we can see. These same developers plan to keep on developing this branch of the Windows code—which is based on Windows 6.0.4074, released during WinHEC 2004—and release new versions for download every so often.

Should you use this as your primary OS? We don't think so. Using a half-finished operating system with loads of bugs is a good idea only if you're going to be developing things for the OS, or if you're just checking it out for fun.

Microsoft is undoubtedly not pleased at the community taking and redistributing their code without permission, so don't count on this being up anywhere on Microsoft's site.

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