WiLife Pro Turnkey IP-Based Video Security System


If you're a paranoid playboy, you can't be too rich, too thin or have too many security cameras. Now you can fill your McMansion with these WiLife Pro cameras, hook them up via Ethernet and watch their output on your cellphone or from anywhere in the world you can get online.

These are smart IP video cameras, and when you link up a WiLife Pro turnkey configuration of cameras with WiLife's Command Center software via your existing Ethernet network, you can play security guard, watching and recording every angle. Looks like everything's included except the dorky security guard uniform and all the donuts you can eat.

Who would use such a system?

This could be a good tool for small business owners to keep an eye on the store when they're out on the golf course or vacationing in their villa in the South of France. Or it might be come in handy for drug lords who want to keep their armed camps intact, at least for a while. For us, we could definitely use these to keep an eye on those monsters under the bed.

Too bad these things don't communicate with the mother ship via Wi-Fi, or you could have yourself an instant security network with no wiring necessary. Anyway, the company says the systems are reasonably priced.

WiLife Site [WiLife, Inc.]

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