Wii Gets a Cooling Fan


With the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 both having third party cooling systems, Nintendo's Wii was feeling a bit left out. After all, didn't it get hot as well? Fear not, Wiis, as a no-name Chinese company has released an add-on cooler for you, too.

The cooler is powered by the Wii's USB ports, which means there's no AC adapter and it will run "without noise." Best of all (if there is a best of all), there's a pass-through USB port so you won't have to lose one of your precious ports that you could use for charging up your Wiimotes. We gotta hand it to them for the product shot as well. The blood red is a nice touch. They even went to the trouble of Photoshopping it onto the red. Lucky? We're lucky if our eyes don't explode.

Product Page [Firstsing via Crunchgear]

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