We Shouldn't Promote Anorexia: Casio EX-V7: Reviewed


The Casio EX-V7 is the world's slimmest 7x optical zoom camera. Plus, it's the first slimline camera to include CCD-shift anti-shake technology. We were excited when it was announced back at CES, even if Casio isn't known as the best imaging company in the world (exactly who is...I'll leave for the fanboys commenters to hash out).

DPreview got their hands on a unit and put it through their extensive testing procedure. The verdict?

- "Superb" build
- Uses folding optics to create non-protruding zoom lens
- Speedy interface
- Nice MPEG4 recording

- CCD-shift doesn't really work, especially with vertical shake
- Image soft, generally high noise
- Narrow lens

In other words, it's a perfect camera until you want to take pictures with it. That's my general problem with the Exilim line—a general emphasis of form over function.

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