Vortex Vacuum-Powered Vibrator, For Those Stay-at-Home Mums

vortex_lovehoney.jpgHey ladies, ever take a look at that big manly beast of a vacuum and get turned on? No longer will that vacuum be no more than a cocktease. The Vortex Vibrator is a small extension that attaches to the end of your vacuum and provides hours upon hours of tantalizing fun. It works by directing the flow of air around your "ladybits to a fabulous orgasm," according to the girls at Shiny Shiny. After the jump, a video demo of the Vortex, which is unfortunately work safe and not by the Shiny Shiny girls.

I may not have any lady parts, but that looks like it would hurt. $US70.

Product Page [Via Shiny Shiny]

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