VIP Edition 787 Dreamliner Still Kicks Airbus' Butt With Style


Following yesterday's 787 news, Hong Kong real estate tycoon Joseph Lau has just ordered a Dreamliner VIP. It's the same airplane you and I are going to use, but instead of being crammed in seat 36D between Biff, the overweight shoe salesman, and Chantal, the aerobic teacher from Fort Lauderdale, he'll have a 2,404 square-feet luxurious cabin all for himself. As a bonus, check the just-unveiled new interior designs for the 747-8 VIP, complete with SkyLoft, "vaulted ceilings, spiral staircases and video wall displays" after the jump.

While I really don't mind Chantal picking on my carrot cake, I would certainly prefer to have Lau's battalion of sexy cyborg ninjas resting on king-size waterbeds, having swan-feather pillow battles all over the place or taking a hot bubbly bath in a full-size english tub. Or something like that. Lau's VIP Dreamliner, just the 7th to be ordered in the world, costs $153 million at today's list price.

And if you prefer to have even more space, you can order a 747 VIP to enjoy its 4,786 square-meter cabin.



These new interiors, which include a new SkyLoft area, were presented yesterday in Geneva, at the European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition.

Product page [Boeing Business Jets]

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