USB Mini Fridge Chills Drinks Fast Right at Your Desk


Plug this USB mini fridge into your PC, and Brando says you'll have that drink chilled down to 8.5°C (that's 47°F for us Luddite Americans) after five minutes. Plunk down your $33 and you get this tiny plastic refrigerator that's reminiscent of those old-fashioned Coke machines. Too bad there's not a Coca-Cola logo across the side, but then, that would mean big trouble for Brando.

While 47°F is not exactly ice cold, if this thing can cool down drinks that quickly, might be good for a brewski or two. Five minutes? Heck yeah, we can drink them that fast. Anyway, this little cooler would be perfect for that insecure, perpetually thirsty workmate of yours who walks around with a soda can as if it were a baby bottle. Seems like a pacifier would be easier and cheaper.

Update: Yeah, Brando must mean the unit chills down to 47°F in five minutes, not the drink itself. CW

Product Page [Brando]

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