U.S. Army Future Combat System: Like Battlefield 2142, But in Real Life

futurecombat.jpgIt's Memorial Day, so CNET got into the act by putting together a rundown of some of the Army's Future Combat System, which "envisions a family of high-tech gear including sensors, aerial drones, and manned and unmanned ground vehicles, all fully networked and linked to individual soldiers" that will ultimately help save lives.

The system's development timeline stretches into the next decade, but some of it might see some action by the next fiscal year, which starts in October. While I think the Class I Unmanned Aerial vehicle is pretty cool, admittedly I'm fairly smitten by the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle solely because it's controlled with a modified Xbox 360 controller.

The Army's vision for soldier tech [CNET via CrunchGear]

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