Universal AC Travel Adapter Taps Juice All Over the World

travel_adapter_front.jpgTravel season has arrived, my friends, and those of you lucky enough to head overseas might be wondering how to power all those electronic geegaws you can't do without. Coming to the rescue is this universal AC travel adapter, letting you connect a variety of plugs to one side, and then by turning its knob selector, lots of different style plug blades come popping out of its other side. Just a twist of your wrist lets you tap into the juice in 150 countries.

Although it looks a little hefty to play nicely with other things you might want to plug in next to it, it's still a fairly compact size for the crowded suitcase, and its $17 price is not too burdensome, either. Just be careful what other juice you tap into while you're over there.

Product Page [GizGeek]

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